Abiqua Acres & the Mann/Sichley Family

First things first, we took a few (belated) photos of Ben, Darleen & Mason (and Brody!) as ‘One Year’ photos since all we had actually done so far was photos of Mason diving into that cake. These guys are easily in the running for ‘easiest family to photograph’ 🙂


Also on the agenda was a family photo including Darleen’s parents (and one of their Guernsey ladies), as their dairy was about to celebrate 60 years with Registered Guernseys with a big get together/tour/dinner with other members..
We did pretty good considering, but were supposed to have that lovely cow’s ears pointed forward!



Mason & his cousin Marley 🙂   …and a cat that snuck into most of the photos! 🙂



I also got to take photos the day of the tour/dinner! It was great weather right up until dinner which worked out well since we were under a tent for that part 🙂



There is a whooooole lotta history on this table! So fun to go through and look at.



Mason and that squirrel got themselves into all kinds of trouble.. 😉



I feel like I caught the same reaction in both of these photos…



Cooking up some yummy chicken and salmon!



such a funny sight at the farm! 🙂



Ben told me that the cows wearing chains have produced over 100, 000 lbs of milk! And Velma, on the right, is their oldest cow AND highest producer!



Can’t have dinner without milk!!



This dinner was delicious 🙂 Sooo many helping hands and hours of work went into this day and it appeared to have turned out perfect, so I hope they thought so too!


This dairy, this family, has such an amazing history and legacy. I know Ben & Darleen (and Mason someday!) will definitely keep that up when Alan & Barb have retired…if that ever happens 😉 I was honored to be able to be a part of this day!

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