Baby Avery

Little Miss Avery was born October 9, one week after I had Clint. Ironically her cousin Charlee was born one week after I had Owen and now they are in preschool together! Maybe there is hope for Clint and Avery too 😉
So the day after Kelsey had this beautiful baby, we went up to see them in the hospital and take some photos. Which means my maternity leave was 7 days long–a whole day longer than it was after I had Wade! 😉

Avery is perfect of course, look at her parents! And I hope Colby has a few guns to clean when she is older and thinking about dating 😉 Her mama is one heck of a rockstar, she started nursing school a week or so before she was born and went back a week or so after! Since their schedule was so crazy it was a few weeks before I was able to make it over for some newborn photos but we made it happen 🙂

She is so adorable and I am so excited to watch her grow! 🙂


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