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I know a lot of couple are probably getting engaged around this time–sometimes the holidays bring out the romantic in us all 😉 And sometimes when planning a wedding we just have no idea where to even start! So I am doing a little project where I do a post about a few different vendors that I have worked with and LOVE. This way if you are lost on some (or all!) vendors for your big day you can at least read all about a few that I would recommend over and over!

Starting out this project, I would love you to trust the flowers/bouquets/arrangements on your big day to Linda Butsch at Valley Natural Floral. I have worked with Linda many times at different weddings, but she also knocked my own wedding out of the park! 🙂 This woman can do anything.

Here is a little bit about her and her business and I have included some photos from just a few of the weddings we have both done. 🙂

Valley Natural Floral

Linda Butsch




My business is Valley Natural Floral. I do floral work, specializing in wedding design. I also offer other services ranging from birthday and anniversary celebrations to memorial and funerals.

I have had my business for over twenty years. I began my business creating wreaths and wholesaling them to boutiques in Portland. I primarily do weddings these days and find it a very creative outlet. Each bride has a new idea for her personalized wedding, and it is fun creating what she envisions. Wedding prices vary by many factors. I meet with each bride, we discuss budget range and what is important in their floral plan.

All florists get busy in the summer months. I suggest meeting and choosing your floral designer 12 to 9 months in advance, that way you can rest easy, your date is covered.

As a Floral designer my favorite part of a wedding day is delivering the bouquets! The bride and bridesmaids are excited to see what they will be carrying down the aisle.

If you are planning an up coming wedding in the near future I would be happy to meet with you and discuss how we could create that special day for you and your fiancée.

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