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Hello Friends!

I have been working on this blog post for awhile, trying to figure out the best way to announce without causing mayhem lol I need you all to know that a big change is coming *BUT* it really won’t affect you as much as a client as you might think!! Please remember this!!

Karl, the boys and I have made a decision for him to take a different job which is in the Hermiston, OR area. We will be moving there in the middle of June. This seems crazy, I know! Especially for anyone that actually knows me–HA! Anyone that knows Karl knows that he has always been in love with Eastern Oregon (like, in LOVE…maybe more than he loves me haha) and when he came upon this opportunity we decided that he should follow that dream.

Here are some questions/answers you should know as a client!!!

1. Can we still hire you for our photos?

PLEASE do!!!!! I would love nothing more than to make a drive back to the Valley to see YOUR FAMILY!! Hermiston is not that far at all and if you want photos, let me know!! If you’ve been around very much you have probably heard me say some version of “let’s make it happen”, I say it because that is how I run things.


2. How often will you be back in the area for photos?

I have commitments this Summer that will have me back the last two weekends in July and first weekend in August and will probably be here at least one whole week in the middle of that, if not the whole time. I also plan to be here at least once a month through November and in the Spring and will be available for mini sessions and any other sessions you need!


3. What if I am having a baby?

Last year I made 6-7 trips to Eastern Oregon for photos–three of which were births/hospital sessions–so it is definitely possible for me to make it if that is something you really want! Please get ahold of me as soon as possible so that we can plan on it! Especially since these are my favorite and I really think they are so important!


4. Will you be charging more for travelling back over here for sessions?

I am thinking that right now I will NOT be charging extra as long as there are at least 2 mini sessions booked or one regular hour session. I am hoping that will never be a problem!


5. Can we come to you for photos?

YES! We will be living in a farmhouse with a spare bedroom just for you! Or room to park your motorhome haha The property also has a few barns and cool fences and we could also go looking for a creek or anything else you might want, Eastern Oregon can be very pretty!


6. Will you still be doing mini sessions?

Yes! This is actually a plus for you, I think I will be open to offering mini sessions as an option most anytime I make a trip over (except for Senior sessions). I will still do a couple mini session dates in the Fall as well!


7. Will you still do perks like sports photos for your Seniors?

Yes! We will definitely be attending games when we are back! I can’t stop doing that I love it! My boys will be in a school district that does not have school on Fridays which makes it easy peasy to take in some Kennedy football!!


8. What does this mean if we already live in Eastern Oregon?

It means you should book me! Even if you are not in the Hermiston area I will be much closer now so book a date!


9. You just posted about your Senior Rep, how will that work?

Just the same as it has before! So far I just have Owen, my JFK rep, and I will be making time to for sure get his regular session done in the Summer or Fall, as well as all of the Seniors he refers! If you are planning to book with me for Senior photos let me know and we can make a plan for the best time of year for what you are wanting!


10. What if we just want to hang out with you?

I hope someone is actually asking this haha Again, let’s make it happen!


The biggest and only change I see is that sessions will just have to be more in advance. Aside from birth/hospital situations, we just won’t be able to do any “let’s do photos right now” kind of sessions–which are very rare anyway. And in our planning we will just do our best to plan around that darn Oregon liquid sunshine….(which is why question #5 works out well–more actual sun in Eastern Oregon haha).

Weddings and events will always be welcome as well! Things booked for a certain date will be easy to make happen.

Please let me know if you have ANY questions at all, or just want to talk, and I will help you sort out anything that you need!!! I am here to make this work as best I can for you! I love all of you clients as friends or even family and it’s because of you that I can do what I love as a job! I would be so sad to see any of you go and want to do my best to keep photographing your milestones as I have been!!! You know it’s my favorite thing to be there as your families grow and change!

I can’t wait to hear from you! And let’s fill up May and June while I am still here! 🙂

Love, Beth





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