Life in Eastern Oregon, part 1




Looking at the last post on here, I am obviously the worst blogger around…. So I wanted to post an update! Since we moved here over a year ago I actually HAVE taken photos (on the west side too! But that will be the next blog post….hopefully sooner than a year.. hehehe) so here is a peak at most of them!!



img_002 img_003 img_004 img_005 img_008 img_009 img_010 img_011 img_012

img_4395 img_4473 img_4583 img_5415 img_5524

img_014 img_015 img_015b img_015c img_016 img_019 img_020 img_021 img_026 img_027 img_029 img_030 img_031 img_033 img_034 img_036 img_037 img_039 img_040 img_041 img_043 img_044 img_046 img_047 img_048 img_051 img_053 img_054 img_055 img_058 img_059 img_060 img_061 img_062 img_063 img_064 img_065 img_066 img_068 img_069 img_070 img_073 img_073b img_074 img_079 img_080 img_081 img_082 img_084 img_085 img_087 img_088 img_089 img_090 img_092 img_094 img_095 img_096 img_096b img_097 img_098 img_099 img_100 img_102 img_103 img_105 img_107 img_108 img_108b img_109 img_110 img_111 img_113 img_114 img_115 img_116 img_118 img_120 img_121 img_122 img_122b img_123 img_125 img_126 img_127 img_128 img_129 img_129b img_130 img_131 img_132 img_135 img_136 img_137 img_138 img_140 img_140b img_141 img_142 img_143 img_144 img_145 img_146 img_147 img_148 img_151 img_152 img_156 img_157 img_158 img_159 img_160 img_162 img_163 img_165 img_166 img_167 img_170 img_171 img_171b

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