How to Afford Your Photos


I have heard this {or some variation} a lot lately….I have said this myself, actually. Therefore, we should talk about it…of course. 🙂

“I’m not sure about doing maternity or newborn photos because money will be tight since I will be on maternity leave.”

Here’s an easy way to fix that problem….SAVE FOR IT NOW! 🙂 This can also apply to any session obviously, and I actually do this with our own Fall family photos. I love a mama who plans ahead 🙂 {Anyone following me on instagram knows I’m definitely planning ahead for the Fall already!} So you are telling me now that you are expecting {WOOHOO!}, that means you have 5 or 6 months until baby is here and a few weeks less than that until maternity photos if you choose to do them. I know you might have to save a little extra for important things like mortgage…heat…food…but the earlier you start the easier this will be. Just take a jar or envelope and write my name on it {lol ok fine, write ‘photos’ on it…I’ll be happy for you if you have professional photos done even if they aren’t by me. I’ll be happier if they are though 😉 } and then every week or couple weeks throw a $20 in there. Make payments to yourself! Soon you will have the whole total and you won’t even have to worry once that baby comes! We all know how fast babies and kids grow…and especially how fast that newborn stage goes. If you don’t know yet, take everyone’s word for it–they aren’t lying! Capturing that stage in any way possible is something you will never regret 🙂

A couple years ago I did this for our family photos and for Wade’s birth photos, I had the money saved a couple months before I needed any of it because I knew we wouldn’t have extra with the baby and also with it being Winter. Believe me it was very helpful!

Since I am a big fan of photos, I have a lot to save for before the Fall. I have a long list and a plan to be able to afford it all. Your list may be much shorter, but it is still so nice to be able to book your session and just grab the envelope–no stress! I just felt like I should share this with you if you are thinking at all that you may not have the money! It makes me so sad when someone tells me they didn’t do photos because they couldn’t afford it. Most of us definitely can afford it if we just plan ahead a little! 🙂

You’re all rockstars and I want to see you get all the photos you can dream of 🙂

Also, since I know at least 10 of you due this Fall already, I am considering a day of pampered mini sessions in early Fall just for you! 🙂 A 20 minute session is plenty for capturing that special time waiting for baby 🙂  I’ll keep you posted!

I do have regular mini session days planned for July 21, September 7, September 21 & possibly October 6 🙂 They are ready to be booked if you want to get one scheduled now. This is an even MORE affordable way to get your family captured this year 🙂 You could easily have the money for a mini session saved by this summer if you start now!

Thanks for listening, I hope some of that made sense lol





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