Sweet Bennett

It is often difficult to know the depth, the strength, of our own faith until it has been rocked to the core. Sometimes we come through the storm on top. Intact. Triumphant in our own eyes. Sometimes we come out broken. Humbled. But we never come out alone. We never went in alone. We just have to trust that He knows the whole plan and keep walking. So many people have been more than inspired by Bennett Timothy. By his parents. By their “storm”. To never doubt God’s plan, only to keep walking–clinging to Him–is nothing short of amazing.

I was blessed many times over to be able to meet sweet Bennett twice and see these loving parents with their miracle. Please keep them–their whole family–in your prayers….while they are believing wholeheartedly in God’s plan for their lives, they are still a mommy & daddy grieving the loss of their sweet sweet boy. My heart breaks for their unimaginable loss. But he is perfect now with God and we can all hold on hope to that day we will be in glory, together again.


For Bennett’s sweet story: http://lafamiliapuente.blogspot.com/

A video from my second visit to Bennett: https://vimeo.com/64185775

…and photos from both visits <3 so sad I hadn’t made it up to see him again, but his mama did a great job always taking photos, she will never regret a single one.


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  • Dean Kuckkahn Sr

    Our Lords knowledge reaches peaks that we can not fathom, especially during times such as this. However His Grace,Peace,strength and Love are at times overwhelming in depth and sometimes barely felt. We do however know from His Heavenly Word that He is ever-present and I Pray that this Blessed family feels nothing but His tangible presence as thick as Honey and Know Bennett is within the Bosom of our Lord. God Bless all.

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