Life in Eastern Oregon–Part 2

  So, to follow up from my last blog post–I wanted to post from most of the sessions I did back on the West side since we moved. Well this ended up being a lot! I’m SO blessed by all of you amazing people booking with me!! I loved going through all of these sessions and reliving them while trying to narrow it down to only a few images! That was the hard part 🙂

I think I will still have to do one more post highlighting all of the amazing videos I have gotten to make from your amazing milestones and sessions…definitely my favorites!

**I applaud you if you make it through this whole blog post, ha! 🙂



img_004 img_008 img_012 img_013 img_018 img_019 img_020 img_022 img_024 img_027 img_028 img_029 img_031 img_032 img_033 img_034 img_037 img_039 img_040 img_041 img_042 img_044 img_045 img_046 img_047 img_048 img_049 img_051 img_053 img_057 img_059 img_060 img_062 img_063 img_064 img_065 img_067 img_068 img_069 img_070 img_071 img_072 img_073 img_074 img_075 img_076 img_079 img_080 img_081 img_084 img_085 img_086 img_088 img_089 img_091 img_092 img_094


Ok so these are the West side…..of California! They were taken in San Luis Obispo and I can’t wait to go back!

img_095 img_097 img_098 img_099 img_100 img_101 img_102 img_103 img_105 img_107 img_108 img_110 img_111 img_113 img_115

My Owen and their Owen! 🙂

img_117 img_118 img_119 img_120 img_123 img_125 img_129 img_130 img_132 img_133 img_135 img_136 img_137 img_140 img_141 img_143 img_144 img_145 img_146 img_149 img_150 img_152 img_153 img_154 img_155 img_157 img_158 img_161 img_162 img_163 img_165 img_166 img_167 img_168 img_170 img_171 img_172 img_173 img_175 img_177 img_178 img_181 img_183 img_184 img_186 img_188 img_190 img_191 img_192 img_195 img_196 img_197 img_198 img_201 img_202 img_204 img_208 img_209 img_210 img_211 img_214 img_215 img_216 img_217 img_218 img_221 img_222 img_223 img_224 img_226 img_229 img_234 img_237 img_239 img_241 img_243 img_245 img_247 img_248 img_249 img_251 img_253 img_254 img_256 img_257 img_259 img_260 img_262 img_263 img_264 img_266 img_267 img_269 img_270 img_271 img_273 img_274 img_278 img_279 img_280 img_282 img_285 img_287 img_288 img_289 img_290 img_293 img_295 img_298 img_303 img_305 img_307 img_310 img_311 img_312 img_314 img_315 img_318 img_321 img_322 img_323 img_325 img_326 img_328 img_331 img_332 img_333 img_335 img_337 img_339 img_340 img_341 img_343 img_347 img_348 img_350 img_351 img_353 img_356 img_358 img_360 img_361 img_362 img_364 img_367 img_369 img_370 img_372 img_374 img_375 img_377 img_380 img_382 img_383 img_384 img_385 img_386 img_388 img_389 img_390 img_391 img_392 img_393 img_394 img_395 img_397 img_400 img_401 img_402 img_404 img_406 img_407 img_408 img_409 img_412 img_413 img_414 img_416 img_417 img_419 img_420 img_421 img_422 img_423 img_424 img_425 img_426 img_428 img_429 img_430 img_433 img_435 img_436 img_437 img_438 img_439 img_441 img_442 img_443 img_444 img_447 img_449 img_450 img_451 img_452 img_454 img_455 img_456

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