Welcome Home Tyler!

Today’s post finds us on an adventure…

Remember this couple?

Yes, who wouldn’t? 🙂 So a little over a week ago, Tyler came back from his 3rd deployment and finally I got to be there when he and Erin were reunited! And THIS time was even more special as Tyler got to “meet” baby Liam growing in Erin’s tummy! I am so excited to meet HIM in May!

The problem with this little adventure was that Tyler’s flight in coincided with a crazy and random Pacific Northwest snow storm! Us Oregonians panic when the flakes fall from the sky so I was a little stressed I wouldn’t make it and I really wanted to! But my husband saved me and drove me up there and we met Erin just in time to see Tyler walk out of the gate all cute in his uniform just like Erin asked him to! 🙂 Such a great day for them 🙂 I can’t wait to see them as parents so soon!!



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