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For my fourth post in my “who I recommend” series for Brides & Grooms we are diving into the catering world! 🙂
What is unique about this post is that I haven’t yet (YET!!) done a wedding alongside these ladies but I have only heard great things about them and I can’t wait to work with them 🙂

Zest Catering is owned and operated by Jill Kraemer and Janet Kirk, who are sisters in law. Their love for cooking and entertaining started with doing big dinners for the church and they decided to just take it from there out into the event world this past Spring! Zest is a family affair, Janet & Jill run this business with lots of help from their children and also nieces and nephews at events and of course their husbands Ken Kraemer and Dave Kirk manning the Traeger BBQ.

Zest Catering is happy to serve you for your special wedding day but is also open to any type of event! Please call or email them for details and to meet with them to discuss a custom, affordable menu for whatever special event you have planned!

As with any wedding vendor, it is important to try and book your catering company as soon as you have a date and venue as popular wedding dates can fill up early in the year!

Janet & Jill’s favorite part of a wedding day (or any event) is seeing the satisfaction of their clients and guests. They LOVE experiencing great reactions! 🙂

Their advice for the wedding planning Bride is to keep it simple! 🙂

ZEST CATERING   custom menus. affordable pricing. any event or occasion.

Jill Kraemer  –  503.932.1597  –  kraemerkj@yahoo.com

Janet Kirk  –  503.932.8158  –  jmkirk11@gmail.com


Here are some photos Janet sent me from some of their events this year!

Oooh, look at this handsome server! 😉

I cannot wait to hopefully work with these ladies and YOU this wedding season! 🙂

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  • Audra Burton

    Zest Catering is the greatest! They are the best ladies ever!! Some of those photos are from my wedding and I will tell you to this day I get people coming up to me and telling me it was the greatest meal they have ever had!!

    Jill & Janet are so sweet, and loving!! They are all about making your day the best!!! 🙂 I think every bride need’s these two ladies at their wedding!!

    Audra & Chad Burton

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